My Wedding Reception at Dewan Merak Kayangan


15 APRIL 2017

My wedding reception took place just a day after my wedding solemnisation (You can read all about it HERE!) which was on the night of 15th April 2017 at Dewan Merak Kayangan. I can still vividly remember how magical the night was especially when my handsome groom opened the door to greet me and took me by his hand as we walked side by side to the wedding hall. It started with the sound of ‘kompang’ being played in the background as we made our way in front of the hall with my 6 beautiful flower girls leading us the way. We were immediately at the centre of attention when we just stood at the entrance hall while waiting for ‘selawat’ to end before we get to walk to the dais. We were then followed by the Titanic audio (I know, cliche. Haha) as we made our way to the dais while every eyes were set on us and rose petals were thrown to us along the way that made the night even more amazing than ever. We were literally glued to our seat the whole time except when it was dinner time and cake cutting. It definitely made us feel like ‘raja sehari’. LOL.

dewan merak kayangan

I’ve always wonder how my wedding reception will turn out to be even before I plan on getting married. Will it go according to my desired theme? Will all the invited guests come? Will my wedding dress look the way I imagine it would be? Will the night run as smooth as possible? The answer is a million time YES! Although I’ve always wanted to have a garden/rustic themed wedding, it didn’t exactly turned out to be like that. But, I get to pick the whole theme which is in pastel colours. My dais may not look like one of the inspirations that I have saved on Pinterest, it was instead sweet and simple with a touch of elegance donned with my lace ‘kebaya’ as a choice of my wedding dress and Asyraf in full traditional cream colour clothes. I would say that my reception have no precise theme. It was rather a mix of traditional and modern theme. Haha.

dewan merak kayangan

Dewan Merak Kayangan

I still couldn’t get over the crowd that night although half of the hall was full of unknown faces that was invited by my parents. Hehe but most people that I invited have made their way to the night. To those who came, I truly appreciate it. To those who couldn’t come, that’s alright but to those who I forgot to invite, I apologize! Hihi. But if you were to ask me which part of the night is my favourite, I would answer the moment where I walked side by side with my husband to the dais and the end of our reception – which was just me, Asyraf, Sheena and Anip in the waiting/changing room just taking a big relieved on how well the night ends and then we made silly videos while dancing to ‘Singkong Dan Keju’ song before leaving the place. Hahaha. So anyways, to end this long post, I am sharing my wedding video at the end of the post for everyone to see. But before that, lets take a look on some familiar faces that have been captured during my wedding day. Who knows, maybe you’ve been spotted 😉


Venue + Catering + Sound System + Dais : @Dewan Merak Kayangan

Hairdo : @aniselysha

Makeup : @aisyahinsanul

Wedding Dress Designer :

Wedding Card : @nsartdesign

Hand Bouquet : @maevewedding

Photobooth : @fotomovement

Doorgift : @renowngift

Singer/ Band : @aisharetno /

Photographer : @seripictures

Videographer : @Qal Production

P/s : Reception on Asyraf’s side is coming up next! <3



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