Weekend Favourite : Top 7 Instagram Account To Follow

Right when you unlock your phone, click on your favourite app which is none other than Instagram, besides posting a photo that you have edited perfectly, you casually scroll down to each pictures that appeared on your feed and somewhere in your mind, you have to make a decision to whether like that someone’s photo or just carry on with the next one. At least that is what I usually do.

I have always loved using Instagram because I get to share my photos with other people, keeping up with other people’s lives and another thing is that, it is a place for me to be inspired. I am not that kind of person who would randomly like everyone’s photos in hope that someone will like mine back. You may call me picky or whatever, but I always press the ‘like’ button to a picture that I genuinely think is so beautiful that could make me so envy or… because I just feel like liking it- normally because they are my family/friends and I kinda feel bad if I didn’t turn that heart shape from white to red colour on their photos. Haha.

Since it’s the weekend and if you happen to be reading this post and just feel like stalking or following someone on Instagram, I hereby reveal to you my top 7 favourite Instagram account that I have followed for quite some time and *almost* never missed liking their pictures. Now lets start with..


Photo courtesy of @taramilktea

This pretty lady is on top of the list because I never stop admiring her photos! She’s the only one that I never missed on liking her photos everytime it popped on Instagram. I love how she edited her photo with colours bursting all over topped with interesting places she’s been to and hotels she have stayed. If you’re a dessert madness, you should consider following her too because you’ll know why once you tag along with her on Instagram πŸ˜‰


Photo courtesy of @ohhcouture

Another one of my favourite Instagrammer/blogger is Leonie Hanne from ohhcouture.com! I mean, just look at em photos! How mesmerizing are they? I wish I could be in her shoes as she’s always attending all the fashion week from top luxurious brands and get to work with them!


Photo courtesy of @newdarlings

Robert and Christina are the most cutest and stylish couple I have ever came across on Instagram. And their house is an absolute goal. Nuff said πŸ˜€


Photo courtesy of @juliahengel

Julia Hengel or you may have heard her from galmeetsglam.com, I love all of her photos that her husband captured. They have that sweet and dreamy element being add to it like something came out from Pinterest. Besides her effortlessly beautiful face, her style is always on point and she’s a dress-obsessed just like me πŸ˜€

>> lisahomsy

Photo courtesy of @lisahomsy

I love watching her instastory as it shared a little glimpse of her life especially when she’s out travelling. She always sounded so bubbly and friendly. I found her Instagram account on ‘explore’ section and without hesitate, I decided to add her on my following list and since then, I’ve always admired how she edited her bright colourful travel photos.


Photo courtesy of @gypsea_lust

Whenever I saw her picture on Instagram(or her boyfriend, @doyoutravel), it always brings back some kind of nostalgic vibes or something inside of me that would scream “pack your bags, travel the world and don’t look back”. LOL. Maybe that’s just me but her photos are really something and they just recently launched their presets which I am really glad they did since their photos are an inspiration to lot of people.


Photo courtesy of @negin_mirsalehi

I remember following her Instagram way way back when I just started playing with the app. She’s one of the earliest people I have followed and always been a big fan of her. Her endless OOTD inspo and her beautiful hair is the epitome of perfection!

Now that I have list down all my favourite Instagram accounts, what about you? Who’s your favourite Instagrammer that you always stalk before going to bed? Let me know in the comment section below! πŸ˜‰


  • if only i could tell you who i am Reply

    wow! such an inspiration. i wanna be likee youuuu uuu good content to read in my weekend. my day currently cheering with ur post! and p/s dont forget, me the only one ur very big big fan! always waiting a new post from you! <3

    your crush

    • sarahamirudin
      sarahamirudin Reply

      Awww that is sooooo sweet of you! Thanks for your kind word. It really motivates me πŸ™‚

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