Weekend Favourite : Top 4 Unique Hotels In Singapore

To those who knew me personally knows that I am a mixture of Malaysian and Singaporean. My dad is from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia while my mom is a Singaporean citizen. Sure, both are Malays but still from a different country, no? πŸ˜‰ That being said, I’ve been to the lion city numerous times mainly for visiting my relatives. I never really explore the country by myself until I was 22 years old. Ever since then I realised that Singapore is not just a place where my family resides. There are so many interesting places to do and see.

Since I no longer have a family heritage house, hotel have always been my second home whenever I went to Singapore. Thus, I have slept in various hotel rooms and 4 of them I find it quiet unique in its own way. But before you start to scroll down to see all these unique hotels that I mentioned, do not, I repeat. DO NOT get your hopes high thinking that my pictures will pleased you because I didn’t capture enough photos back in the days. If only I knew that I will be blogging about all these, I’m sure this post will be flooded with photos instead of me babbling. Haha


Remember when I told you that I first travelled to Singapore without my family when I was at the aged of 22? I bought a package back in Matta Fair that includes two passes of Universal Studios Singapore + two nights stay at the ever so popular hotel in Sentosa Island which is Hard Rock Hotel along with some other perks like free dinner at one of the restaurants in Sentosa and crane dance. But okay, I am here to talk about the hotel and not some other things. Hehe.

This was actually my first time staying at Hard Rock Hotel and its kinda unique to me because the room lets you channel the inner musician inside you with your favourite band being plastered inside each of every room. Another highlight is their man-made swimming pool beach. Err am I describing it right? Haha. It was one of the biggest swimming pool I have ever seen but sadly I didn’t take a single dip inside the pool as I was so thrilled to check out the other parts of Sentosa Island.

hard rock hotel singapore review



One of the best memories in 2015 I must say. Why? Because I went to the freaking One Direction concert!! Okay, I used to be a big fan of them years ago. Don’t judge. LOL. At the same time, I’m happy that I get to stumbled upon this hotel called Parc Sovereign Hotel located at Trywhitt Road. Main reason for choosing this hotel was because of the location (easy access to the concert venue – Sporthub Indoor Stadium) and the price wise. Although it wasn’t that cheap when converted to Ringgit Malaysia but still within my budget. It could be cheaper but I picked ‘Deluxe Resort’ room for my staycation due to its one of a kind garden balcony. The rooftop pool was also amazing. May not be the view of Marina Bay Sands but still cool πŸ˜€

parc sovereign singapore

unique hotel in singapore

Anyhow, this is the picture of me attending One Direction concert. You could clearly see who my favourite band member was. Haha.



Some time ago, I went to Universal Studios for the third time to experience Halloween Horror Night and stayed over Michael Hotel. I never actually think that Michael Hotel a unique one before check in. I originally booked a deluxe room but upon checking in at the crowded reception, the receptionist told us that we have to wait for the room to be ready and suggested that our room to be upgraded to ‘deluxe suite’ for free. At first I was kinda hesitate to accept the offer because it was a smoking room. But to save our time, I agreed and I’m glad that I did cuz the room was so spacious and it was the spacious bathroom that is unique in my opinion.

michael hotel, sentosa island, singapore



This must be one of my favourite hotels in Singapore. I love the exterior as well as the interior design of this boutique hotel. The room was cozy and I did one of the rarest thing while I went on a holiday which was chilling inside a swimming pool! The room was nice but the rooftop was even more incredible! It may be a little pricey (from SGD124) but so worth it.

unique hotels in singapore

the daulat singapore


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