Today’s Habitat : 2016 Birthday Edition – Tadom Hill Resort, Selangor Review

I remember checking out random people’s Instagram account and saw some posts about a retreat called Tadom Hill Resort. It instantly captured my eyes because of the place that was surrounded by greens and tall coconut trees and turquoise spring water (that is what written on the website). I have to admit that I had a high expectation on this place after seeing all these beautiful shots from all over the internet. I found out about it just few weeks before my birthday and I thought that this could be a perfect place for me to spend my birthday.

On the night of 6th January 2016, me, Asyraf and my four other friends headed straight to Banting, where it was located. Boy oh boy was I wrong, I thought that it was located in the middle of a jungle but nope, it could be easily accessed in less than 10 minutes from the highway but they still managed to keep the highway out of the picture. Upon arriving, I decided to become adventurous and booked for a one night stay in a tent (RM150 weekday/ RM170 weekend), put my stuffs inside and ready to do some exploring. But since it was already dark, there wasn’t much to see other than just hung around the tree house, played some games (I’ve forgotten the name but mostly we only throw things and stuff like that) and continued talking about crap at the cafeteria when suddenly all of them surprised me with delicious cakes! It was a simple celebration but I was truly grateful to be surrounded by them once again 😀

Just when I thought that the night could end so well, everything immediately turned downhill as I was being attacked by stupid rashes! That itchy feeling lasted for as long as I can remember. My whole body suddenly became red and I couldn’t help but to scratch, especially on my back and around my face. Even after I took my shower, put on new clothes and spread some baby powder, it still won’t go away. I swear I looked like Grant Grant from Slither when he turned into a monster.  I never bring any meds with me whenever I travel because I know my allergy wasn’t that bad but I guess I gotta take early precaution next time. There was a moment where I feel like I wanted to just sleep in the car because I started feeling uncomfortable when I was about to lay in my tent. I really don’t want to put a blame on anyone but I think the reason behind all these was the sleeping bag that they provided. Maybe I was the only who was unlucky because my friends seem to sleep well that night. I ended up ignoring the pain that I’ve gone through and slept in 3 layer of clothes inside my tent.

Then came the next morning. The red dots were still around me but the itchiness didn’t feel as strong as the night before. Anyways, I was up early because I wanted to capture some shots before the place be crowded with an army of people. When every one of us woke up and had our breakfast at the nearby hut, we changed our attire into something more appropriate to jump into the spring water and had some fun. How fun was it? It was okay to me, splashing water here and there, souk up the sun and had a few jumps on the infamous bamboo cliff 🙂 Will I come back here again? It was an experience to remember but I think staying here for a night would be more than enough 🙂

tadom hill resort





  • Soraya Reply

    This looks like such a unique experience! I should definitely check this spot out, as I’d love to explore more of Malaysia in the coming months.

    • sarahamirudin
      sarahamirudin Reply

      It really was a unique experience. You should definitely go here if you are into nature 🙂

  • The girl who cant sleep nyenyak like you Reply

    Gurrrll.. you gatal gatal pun you paling tidur cepat and nyenyak ok

    • sarahamirudin
      sarahamirudin Reply

      Hahaha itu pun sebab dah pakai baju berlapis lapis.

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