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The main thing about me creating this site is to share my thoughts towards my travel experiences as I like to travel to places that I only think is interesting. Be it to another country or another states or just that cute little place around the corner. If that place attracts me then I would most indefinitely eager to go! There are times where I might not go into details about my cost of travelling or information about certain places, so please feel free to ask! But one thing is for sure is that I will feast your eyes with lots of photos. But, please take note as I am not one of the lucky people who get to constantly travel all the time. Although I wish I could..

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If you don’t see me roaming around, you can find me at the local coffee shops, cafes or restaurants while sitting around and enjoy my sweet time having dessert or slurping that delicious noodle or gossiping with my friends or even busy snapping pictures of the food. Who knows, right? My brief experience with  food and the atmosphere of the place is what I write about too. An honest one, of course.

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So… A little bit of my personal stories won’t hurt your eyes, eh? When I say personal, it does not have anything to do with my emotional state of mind or the problems that I have faced or anything like that. It simply means that I like to randomly share my love life stories, my personal style, special celebrations andddd basically anything that comes to my mind!

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