Today’s Habitat : Rucksack Caratel, Melaka Review

What would you possibly do when your parents are out of town? Rather than sitting at home watching horror movies and bake a rainbow cake load up some chicken nuggets into the air fryer, I decided to book a really cool accommodation called ‘Rucksack Caratel‘ at Malacca and dragged two of my little sisters, Nabilah and Zurin to go on that road trip with me. It was nice to go on a vacation without supervision from your parents sometimes, cuz you’re pleased to do anything that you want and go wherever you wanna go but with caution, of course. But first things first, I would like to say big thanks to my best friend, Sheena who first found out about this ahmayzinggg place and told me about it. I’m so sorry I went there before you 😛

When I thought that it was easy to search for this place, I was wrong because I got lost a few time even though I used Waze as my GPS. To avoid getting lost, you gotta look for this so called alley with a dead end. That’s how secluded that place is. But don’t get me wrong, the location is strategic enough which can took you about 10 minutes to get to all the touristy place (i.e Jonker Walk, Christ Church, etc). And the moment I stepped in, it felt like the place was bringing back the old school feeling with all the caravan lined up inside just waiting for you.







For someone who has mad love for striking colours, I just loooove how colourfully unique this place is! There are plenty of rooms that you could choose to stay with starting price from RM87.50 . I opt for the room with a huge window glass with two twin bed while you could also choose to stay the night in a caravan just to get the feel of sleeping on a road trip down to Alabama (ok takde kena mengena. Haha).

After we had done admiring, exploring and snapping pictures of every corner of the place, we rented out a bicycle that they had provided for guests and cycled around the historical city of Malacca. Though the sad thing about my youngest sister is that she never really knew how Malacca looked like before we played as an ‘explorer’ around the city. So, I’m glad I took them to this trip. By nightfall, we changed our clothes and dipped ourselves into the swimming pool before we get a goodnight sleep. You can pretty much say that we have fully utilised our time while we were there. But anyways, the pool is open till 10PM! It’s kinda hard to get a pool access that closes late. So it is definitely a plus for me – Especially when there’s no other visitors around. Me likeyy 😉




As you know, this is the first time I ever took my little sisters on a holiday with me. And let me just say that we had so much fun together! I couldn’t wait for them to grow a bit older so that we can go on a road trip more easily and I don’t have to be the main ATM machine around them. Haha. After we have woke up the following day, we headed downstairs near the reception area where they served our breakfast. There wasn’t much choice to choose from but I remembered getting back to the hotel room with a happy tummy.




rucksack caratel

rucksack caratel

After we had checked out, we continued our journey by strolling near the river cruise before we head back to KL. Mamee Jonker House was where we had our lunch and made a quick stop to The Daily Fix to have our dessert. Pancake and brownies with ice cream, to be precise 😉







Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 11.01.34 PM





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    Sarah tempat yang dilawati memang cantikk !!!

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      Try la stay sini. Murah je 🙂

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    Sarah and travelling takkan berpisah

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      Dan berharap ia akan kekal selamanya. Haha

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    hi sayang sarah dot com im ur fan! ❤️

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      Aww. And im your biggest fan in the world! 😀 <3

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