My Post Wedding Photoshoot

What is the next thing a newlywed would do after the wedding (in my case, 2 weddings. HERE and HERE) has come to an end? That would be a post wedding photoshoot of course! Kalau pre wedding photoshoot buat, tak kan lah Post wedding photoshoot taknak buat kan. Hehe. As I mentioned earlier in one of my wedding posts that we had to postponed our photoshoot due to rain, we came to an agreement with the most kindest and talented photographer ever from @awantona who let us do the shooting the day after although the deal was only valid on the same day.

post wedding photoshoot

Perdana Botanical Gardens was the location for many many photoshoots because of its large park and scenic landscape. Thus, making it an ideal place for us to do our photoshoot. I had to wake up early in the morning to have my make up done by @aishahinsanul just for this. As for my outfit, I never planned on wearing my purple ‘songket’ that I had wore earlier for my reception on Asyraf’s side and I’m so glad I made a decision to wear something comfy yet sweet because the weather was so freaking hot. Especially when it was past 11AM. You could literally saw drops of sweat from behind of Asyraf’s shirt. Haha. But all in all, we had so much fun and really satisfied with the outcome of the photos 🙂


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