Old West A’Famosa, Melaka – A One Night Trip

So I assumed you must have read my previous post here, now let me tell you where I went that night. The place was called… *drumroll please* ok, over sangat. Haha. Twas Old West! Before that, we had our verrryyy late lunch at Freeport’s food court and I only spent most of my time in Cotton On. Tak sempat nak pergi tempat lain. Since we all know that it was impossible for us to enjoy our time at the waterpark, that is the reason why we decided to go to the cowboy town in hope of finding some excitement!

Second/ Last Stop : Old West

After we bought the ticket with a total price of RM57 each which inclusive of Fun Fair Carnival and 4D Cinema, I thought that I could have a good time. But instead, I was so disappointed and felt cheated by the lady at the counter. She should have advised us not to purchase the package because 1) The funfair only fully operates after 10PM as most of the people came there just to see the show. So there were no staff to look out for at the funfair section. We felt like we were in freakin Zombieland! We had to find someone who works there to open the rides for us. 2) Flash news! Most of the rides were closed/ under maintenance. And there weren’t many rides to begin with. Smh. 3) The 4D Cinema were just so so to me 4) Overall, the whole place were a bit outdated. I don’t know about you guys. This is totally based on my own experience.






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Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 1.38.34 AM

So, we have successfully waste our money and time at this cool place. But the only time I think I truly enjoyed was the time when I jump up and down on a trampoline with lots of ropes and belt strapped around me for safety measure while I laughed and screamed my heart out in the air. Everything was so boring except for that one. But thankfully I have my cheerful companions to get me through the night!

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  • One of ur cheerful companions Reply

    Omggg the worst yet the funniest fun fair yg kita pernah pergi, everrr !!
    P/s im reading ur blog from first page balik semula ok cause ada yg i lupa lupa..
    Jgn main mainn yeee heheheh

    • sarahamirudin
      sarahamirudin Reply

      haha funny sebab dapat naik benda lompat lompat tu je. lain semua sucks. hahaha. ok thank you girlll. muah!

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