New Years Eve at Kuantan and Cherating, Pahang

Oh my goodness. I couldn’t believe that we are already in the year of 2017! Seeing everyone welcoming the new year have made me super jealous because unfortunately, my celebration for this year was so boring that I could literally die. No plans were made on the last day of 2016 even though it was a public holiday the next day. All I ever did was I sat in the car with my friends, listening to music, ordered McD and had Fillet O Fish in the car on my first day of the year. Sad? Yeah, kind of but actually not really because I was surrounded with people that I am fond of and I am very grateful that I am still alive and still very much in love with my life. Alhamdullilah.

Right now, what I am about to share with you guys is my impromptu trip to Pahang which took place on last year’s NYE. Yeah, I know that I am 1 year late but whatever. Still gonna post it anyway 😉 (P/S: Please do not expect any fireworks picture or anything because we didn’t come across any).

Hmm.. What should I talk about? Basically, our initial plan was to go to Ipoh, Perak but as you know, whenever there’s a celebration or anything that is related to public holiday, never everrrrr make a last minute plan because most hotels will be fully booked and so you gotta move on to plan B which you have to figure out on the spot. Well, that plan B has brought us to Cherating, Pahang on our last night of 2015.

Once we have arrived to Cherating, we went right to the beach just to hung around for a while but all of us were exhausted from just sitting in the car when we were on our way to our destination. We went for hotel hopping in hope of getting ourselves a comfortable room that we could stay for one night. After going through for about 3 hotels, we finally found a place called ‘The Legend‘. We usually choose a hip hotel but in times like these, we had no choice but to just go with the flow. It wouldn’t be so bad if the room wasn’t outdated. But hey i’m not gonna complain, I did get a good night sleep (Or maybe because I was too tired that I couldn’t care less. Meh I dunno).

So anyways, we begun our year by exploring the area, went a little deeper into the town that we found a river and it was great for a photo then we had our lunch at a local restaurant nearby and that was our experience in Cherating! Oh wait, did you notice the beach photo above? That was taken at ‘Pantai Batu Hitam’. There had been news about the sea that turned to red due to bauxite pollution. So as us being curious, we thought that we could check that out. But it looked more brownish rather than red to me. Since we got so much time to waste, all 6 of us took a ride in a horse carriage around the beach, ate a very delicious ‘keropok lekor’ and drove to Kuantan just to try out the famous cafe called ‘Kula Cakes‘. I’ve heard about the cafe being very famous that people would stand in a long que for the dessert and so I have come prepared. We ordered few desserts but I really love the taste of the famous Mango Cheesecake. And what makes the cafe become more interesting is the outdoor seats in between two buildings. It was quite unique to me. We spent hours at the cafe just sharing laughter and talk all night before going back to Kuala Lumpur. Nothing much but at least we get to spend our new year somewhere outside Kuala Lumpur unlike this year. But here I am being excited on what this life is going to take me as I am feeling that this year is going to be a major change for me  😀 To all of you, thanks for taking your time to read and have a great year ahead! xx



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    Hotel legend memang ‘LEGEND’ ! Hahahahahahha

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