Playing Tourist at National Textile Museum, Kuala Lumpur

Made my way to National Textile Museum in the middle of Kuala Lumpur right after I visited Bank Negara Museum (Read HERE!) just few days before. Honestly, this is something everyone should do no matter if you’re a local or not. Things could get interesting once you get to know your country’s background a little bit more 😉  My aim right now is to visit every single museum in Kuala Lumpur especially when there’s no entrance fee like this one! Hehe.

I woke up earlier than usual and get myself dressed up mainly for visiting the museum (Excited much. LOL). The location of the place is not so hard to spot. You guys familiar with Dataran Merdeka? If so, they are just opposite to each other. However, I had a rough time searching for the parking lot. They do not provide a parking space for visitors, I guess. So, Asyraf parked the car somewhere behind KL Gallery, not sure if we’re allowed to do that cause I didn’t think it was a proper space to park. Haha. So, we crossed the road alongside some tourists that just came out from a tour bus and entered the building that consists of red and white bricks. We left our names in the guestbook as requested by the lady at the reception counter, took the brochure and began our walk inside the museum.

muzium tekstil negara

National Textile Museum

Although National Textile Museum is not as big as National Museum or Bank Negara Museum, you could still see many types of fabric, accessories that our late late ancestors used to wear, outfit of every era and basically anything related to textile! It is that obvious, right? There are many kinds of gallery to walk through namely Galeri Pohon Budi, Galeri Pelangi, Galeri Teluk Berantai, Galeri Sari Ratna and lastly, Galeri Saindra. But, it turns out to be just like every other typical museums that I have visited before and there weren’t much info to gain as there were no description for us to read under some displays. I was, however more attracted on the outlook of the museum. That explains why I put more pictures of us outside rather than inside of the museum 😀


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