Lavender Farm, Cameron Highland

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There is no doubt that Cameron Highland have a lot of interesting places to check out. My friend recommend me to go and try the famous Nasi Lemak Strawberry and that was where we headed to first. But as soon as we parked our cars and walk towards the restaurant, we saw no one except for the chairs being lift up on the table because guess what? The shop was closed! Oh well, it’s just wasn’t our luck. Next time maybe?

After we had a little discussion in front of the restaurant on where to go and what to do next, me and my fiancee got separated from the others because we planned on going back home a little late and wanted to explore Cameron Highland while our friends drove back home right after that.

“Where to go?” I asked my fiancee and we both had no idea where to begin because there were few places we planned on going. I remembered we sat in the car for almost 20 minutes deciding. Haha. So finally, we asked for Google Map’s help by navigating our way to the Lavender Farm!

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The first thing I can think of once I stepped inside this farm was flowers, flowers and more flowers! It’s not everyday that I get to watch (and touch) fresh colourful daisies, lavender and all sort of flowers in front of my eyes. There were 2 sections for you to check out. You gotta make your way to the hills, which is not that high for you to reach to another section with a souvier shop and a cafe for you to relax and enjoy the beautiful view from up above. The farm wasn’t that big for us to explore. As we walked a bit further, we found a strawberry farm where you could also pick and pack for you to munch. As you can see on the pictures above, you could pick the flowers of your choice and purchase them! That was exactly what my fiancee did. I get my very first ever bouquet of daisies from my partner of 7 years. Haha

We had fun goofing around, filming ourselves and taking pictures of every single corner of the place. Who doesn’t want to stand and pose with a beautiful background behind of you, right?

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