Halloween Horror Nights vs. Nights of Fright

I have been planning to blog about the above title long before Halloween comes. But I got caught up with lots of things – Company Annual Dinner to wedding preparation to best friend’s bachelorette party. I guess better late than not write anything at all right?

So enough about that, lets focus on the main subject here. Although Halloween has come to an end, probably most haunted houses were already banished, got your momma and daddy eating your halloween snacks that you have collected and halloween decorations are already in the trash can, ok maybe that is not what really happened. Maybe I just made that up because I never actually been in a real situation where people celebrate halloween with interesting costumes and pumpkin surrounded the house as part of the decorations. Based on majority from where I live, we Malaysians didn’t really celebrate Halloween. But every time the event was about to take place, many ghost house were being set up and this is what my blog post is all about.

This year I consider myself as a pretty occupied person. Why? Because I didn’t attend any halloween event! What a loser. OK, not really. It’s just that I’ve got so many things to do and I have to admit, I am currently on a tight budget so I gotta prioritize things and unfortunately, going to haunted house is not on top of the list. But what I am about to share is my past experience with going to places like these:-

Nights of Fright – Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia










Back in 31st October 2013 was when I convinced myself that I had to be brave enough to enter the biggest(i think?) halloween festival in Malaysia. Got my tix at Matta Fair with a discounted price a month earlier. I’m kinda proud to say that I was one of the people who gets to experience the thrilling event as their first event was held on that year. LOL.

I remembered One Republic was performing at Sunway Lagoon the same night the horror festival took place. Too bad I couldn’t hear the concert even though I was around the same area. But as I arrived in front of the gate getting ready to face my fear, there were already few ‘ghosts’ hung out near to the place where we queued just to creep us out.

Upon entering the gate, I could see a lot of creepy costumes wandering around the theme park like zombies, evil red riding hood, the dead twins, Joker, psycho patient, Freddy Kruger, Leatherface and my worst nightmare, a f***ing clown. There were 4 haunted houses if I wasn’t mistaken. And it was not that bad. I couldn’t recall how the haunted house was but I enjoyed every moment while I was there from screaming my heart out whenever a ghost appear around me. Me and my then boyfriend (now my fiancee!) decided to get ourselves a face paint and from the look on his face, you can tell that deep down he wanted to disguise as one of the freaky creatures that roamed around the place. He can be a pretty good actor, no doubt about that.

FYI, I went to the same festival on 2014 as well but I didn’t get the same vibe like I did when I first went there. One of the reasons was that they kept using the same costumes up till this year (based on the Instagram photos that I kept seeing) so it has become less scary to me. To those who have yet to experience it, I’d say go for it. Who knows they’ll invent a whole lot scarier concept that the previous years.

Halloween Horror Nights – Universal Studios, Singapore










Getting ready for Halloween Horror Night was quite challenging to me as I have to plan properly because it was in Singapore and so I have to look for a hotel to stay and book a flight ticket just to get there anddddd the admission fee was not that cheap. I could buy 2 Nights of Fright tickets for 1 pair of this Halloween Horror Night! But all the time and money spent was worth the effort because there wasn’t a single moment where I regret engaging myself to this activity.

Now, where do I begin? There were a lot of emotions inside of me when I entered this place. At first I didn’t really know what to expect when the opening act started. It was so crowded as people were waiting patiently to explore the haunted houses. But the performance was great. Right after that opening act, a lot of people started fleeing around the park and I got scared quite a numbered of times by seeing all the weird creatures walking around the dark and hazy area. All the actors in their costume did a great job in acting as if they were real monsters. Not to mention their make up. It was amazing. All hail to the makeup artist :p

Some haunted houses got me que for almost an hour and some only took a minute but all of them was worth a visit. My favourite would be the one with MRT. It felt like an endless scary journey as it took me from MRT to a tunnel to a graveyard to a ‘rumah kampung’ and all sorts of scary places all in one haunted house. Imagine that! But I guess the scarier, the merrier… Right guys? But anyways, some rides were fully operated during that night like Transformers, Mummy Returns and Puss in Boots. Perfect for those who are too afraid to face their fear in the ghost house. Trust me, the atmosphere was so much different compared to when you go in daylight. I was lucky enough to get the chance to cover the whole area. Guess that is why I didn’t bother to take a lot of pix due to enjoyment that I was having that night.

Will I come back for the next Halloween festival in Universal Studios? My answer would definitely be yes! I even planned on dragging my little sister or my friends to go with me this year but unfortunately that didn’t happened. Because why? You can kindly scroll up and read the third paragraph again. Thank you :p

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