Going Loco @ Panchos , Bangsar

Just as soon as you read my title, you must be thinking that this post must be Mexican-related right? Well, you damn right. If you haven’t already heard, Panchos is servin’ some seriously good Mexican street food such as burritos, quesadillas and of course, taco! I first saw the restaurant in Mid Valley but never get my hands on those food. But then one day, one of my friends picked a place to hang out, Panchos was on the list and that was when I fell in love with their dish!

This time, I came back with Asyraf and my camera ready to feast your eyes (hopefully your belly too) Hehe. First thing that I noticed once I stood in their doorstep which isn’t so hard to find is its colorful interior and Mexican music being played in the background. I know that I’ve never been to Mexico nor have I ate any authentic Mexican food in my life but my favourite is officially the quesadillas! I loveeeee their quesadillas. I’ve tasted Chicken Tinga, Baja Fish and Chipotle Pulled Beef. But my favourite will always be the chicken. Especially when you pour the sauce all over the wrap. They are so rich in flavour and full of melted cheese plus the chicken is so tender! OMG just by explaining to you guys have made me longing for them quesadillas. LOL. But I was a bit let down with the nachos. It tasted just like any other nachos that I’ve eaten before.  While I didn’t order Taco, the Chipotle Pulled Beef burritos that Asyraf had ordered which consists of rice, chipotle beef and some dressings on top was alright as well.

I hope to taste their Jarritos when I pay my next visit since I’ve heard that the natural flavour soda is worth the try. Instead, I ordered Virgin Pina Colada and I loved every sip of it. To everyone who doesn’t mind dragging yourself to the ever so busy Jalan Telawi or doesn’t mind spending your money at least  RM30 per person or anything equivalent to that, feel free to come to this little Mexico and just enjoy your food with your Mexican Sombrero hat on 😉


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