Gili Trawangan, Indonesia – A Piece of Heaven

It would be a bummer if you visit Lombok without going to one of the Gili islands namely Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan and Gili Air. While I was in Lombok mainland, I had the chance to stay a night in Gili Trawangan and let me just break it to ya, the island itself was truly breathtaking!











As soon as I arrived, the first thing was I checked into a hotel called Natya Hotel. The good thing was that the boat that I rode stopped just right in front of the hotel’s restaurant and only a walking distance to the hotel reception. I really like the room though. Felt like living under the sea with the wall covered in blue and white patches.

Knowing that I didn’t have much time, without further ado, me and my friend, Hayyu went outside of the hotel and off to the road in hope of riding a horse because we kept seeing people riding those horses and we thought that it would be fun. But we couldn’t find any available horses so all we did was rented out a bicycle and stop every corner that we think would be good for a picture. Which has lead us to Pearl Beach Lounge, an outdoor lounge where we sat facing the beach and waited for the sunset while sippin’ on our mocktails and listening to the calm waves. The moment we waited for the sun to go down, the sky literally changed to various colours. Ahhh.. I can still picture the moment in my mind right now. How I wish I could be there right now.  To me, although that this island may be cramped with tourists, it is still perfect for a couple who’s looking for a honeymoon spot 😉







The next day, I had my breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant where we were given a choice of food to eat. I had western food and it tasted just like a regular sausage, red beans and scramble egg. Nothing to shout about, really. Not long after that, we went on a snorkelling around the area. I even spotted quite a number of turtles! 😀 And that was it! Told ya I didn’t have much time there.

Yea yea yea I know you must be thinking ‘where’s the picture of her posing at the iconic Ombak Sunset swing?’. Well sadly, I couldn’t make it there because as I said earlier, I only had one night in this beautiful island. So i’ve got no time to really explore. Nevertheless, I was blessed to laid my eyes on this island but I really should have stayed a month there but instead, I only get to stay for a night. Oh well, money and time is always blocking my way. Haha. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 11.01.34 PM



  • Naddy Reply

    Now im stalking youuuu

    • sarahamirudin
      sarahamirudin Reply

      hehehe you are welcome to do that 😀

  • hayyu Reply

    those sweet memories will always remain foreverrr..

    • sarahamirudin
      sarahamirudin Reply

      yasssss but we need to go there again!

      • hayyu Reply

        Next, off to Melaka soon okayhh Sarah! Hehe.

        • sarahamirudin
          sarahamirudin Reply

          yeayers! 😀

  • hayyu Reply

    Sarah, i realized byk scene yg i tak amek. like the hotel.. anyway, we had fun there.

    • sarahamirudin
      sarahamirudin Reply

      i knowww. we didn’t have much time there. remember? should go there again next time!

  • Crying out loud Reply

    This trip paling i jealouss you dah pergi sanaaa.. best gilaaa

    • sarahamirudin
      sarahamirudin Reply

      nanti kita buat trip pergi sini lagiii.

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