My Game Of Thrones Birthday Party @ Greenhouse by Muir

So, Sarah Stormborn of the House Amirudin, the First of Her Name, The Unburnt, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Queen of Meereen, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Protector of the Realm, Lady Regnant of the Seven Kingdoms, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons has gathered all the great houses of Westeros to join her birthday party (or should i say name day? :p ) on the night of January 5th, 2018 at Greenhouse By Muir 😀 . Every year when my birthday was just around the corner, my lover and close friends will usually come together and surprise me with a cake and all that until at one point, it could be expected (You can read my previous birthday celebration 2017, 2016 and 2015 by clicking the year!). This year, I am bringing a different idea to welcome my new age by inviting all my close friends to have a birthday dinner with me and had them guessing what table decoration that I will be going for. I am forever a lover of bohemian/hippy and all things cutesy so many of my friends guessed that my theme would be tropical, mermaid and things like that. Since Game Of Thrones theme is more on the medieval side, it was probably the last thing on their mind. Why I want the famous HBO series to be my birthday theme is because I never really get over the series. LOL. So, by creating this theme for my birthday I feel like I could be part of the series. OK, I know I sound like a total geek. Hahaha. How do I come up with the idea of setting up the theme? It was quite easy actually when I have Google to help me out and my baby hubby, of course. Hehe. I have been planning for months and really look forward to it. Heck, the only reason I’m excited for new year is obviously because of my birthday 😀

game of thrones birthday party

game of thrones birthday party

The Preparation

My baby hubby, Asyraf was my no. 1 biggest supporter along the way. He took 5 days off from work just to help me arranging the party (love you baby ♥). We would go to many places scouting for anything Game of Thrones related props, printing placemats, stickers, name cards, slept late at night just to cut out the face masks of each of the main characters. It was quite an effort for what we did there. Hehe. You know what was the most complicated thing that I had to do? At first, I had no idea how to edit my own face on ‘Hall Of Faces’ as my placemats and copy paste all the house flags to insert in the name cards and all that. Editing and customizing is not my strong skill in The Party Salon. Hehe. But thanks to Canva, I managed to do everything myself! Their tool may not be as powerful as Adobe but still good enough for me 😉 Besides that, looking for a perfect place to celebrate could be a challenge as well. I want somewhere that suits the theme. At first I was thinking of staying over at a serviced apartment but I want somewhere that we could sit down and dine together. There were 15 of us so it is definitely out of the list. Restaurant was the most suitable choice but where? I’ve always thought that Greenhouse By Muir was the perfect choice but then few days before the celebration, my friends and I had our dinner at one of our favourite cafes, Grind 22/Wokit and saw that the cafe has been extended and there was a huge space which is kinda nice to held my event there and so I reserved for 14-15 pax at 8PM. But I asked my friends to come a little late so that I have time to do the decorations.

game of thrones birthday party

game of thrones birthday party

The Birthday Name Day

8:20 PM : Me and my baby hubby were so busy getting ready from buying flowers to picking up the balloons to getting all dressed up and at around 7:30PM was when we finally drove to the destination. We arrived a little late due to massive traffic jam. It was Friday some more so what do you expect. But I was so disappointed to see the space that I booked was full of other guests and the staffs don’t even bother to attend us straight away. We had to wait for a while which was a waste of time. I understand that it was full house but the staff should at least give me a call asking if I still want them to hold the table. That is the reason why I left my number in the first place. Or maybe it was partly my fault because I didn’t ring them to inform that I was gonna be a little late but I thought everything was still gonna go according to plan because I didn’t receive their call. But what really got me so pissed off was when they rearrange the table, they just combined 4 square tables and a cupboard like-table that turned out to look like a T shape table and it doesn’t even fit all 14-15 pax. When I asked this one guy who works there “Tak ada table lain ke? Kenapa you tak reserve table?” and he just rudely replied something like this “Takde table dah sebab full house. Lagipun sebab you lambat kan. Sorry to say la” with a sarcastic tone as his face turned away. OMG just by typing this makes me so mad. I mean like seriously, is that how a customer should be treated? And so I sat down for a while with a mix of anger and speechless inside of me, I decided to stand up and walk away from the cafe just few minutes after that.

8:45 PM : I got in the car, called one of my friends, Sheena and told her what happened and asked for her help to inform others because I need to call Greenhouse By Muir to try my luck by booking for 13 pax that very same night (it was supposed to be 15 pax but two of them could not come). Thankfully, they were able to accommodate my request. Thank you, Greenhouse. You guys are the best! 😀 Guess what? Some of my friends have already arrived the moment I left the cafe. I had no choice but to tell them that I had to change the location. If you guys are reading this, I’m truly so sorry for what happened!

9:20AM : Arrived to Greenhouse By Muir and started to style up the table right away. Since my baby hubby was the only one that helped me, we took more time than we should. The table settings may look simple with candles, placemats, name cards and flower garlands just laying there on the table, not to mention face masks being plastered on each of the seats but I still want them to look perfect although our friends were already waiting downstairs. I’ve looked forward for this moment and I really wanna make the best of it although there were some things that I failed to deliver such as putting the customised ‘Milk Of The Poppy’ water bottle and ‘Iron Throne’ muffin and house sigils on the table.

9:50PM : After we had done decorating, Asyraf went to see our friends and came upstairs with them as I see all their phones rise up to record a video of Khaleesi a.k.a ME! Hehe. They told me that the moment they saw Asyraf holding this one big balloon with the word ‘Khaleesi’ on it, they have already figured out what theme it was. Aduh kantoi pulak. Haha. But they were surprised to see the face masks that each of them get and also the placemats. Hehehe. And so, as the feast begun, we ate, we talked, we laughed and after that, all of them sang me a birthday song with a cute dragon scale cake in front of me that was made by my dearest friend, dessertfix! <3

11:45PM : Since we didn’t have much time, we spent most of it by taking pictures all the way but the lighting was so dimmed that we had to find the perfect spot to capture the image. From the table to the main stage to the entrance of the restaurant to the valet parking lot. Lets just say that I just couldn’t get enough of the photos. Haha.

12:ooAM : MY BIRTHDAY IS FINALLY HERE! The moment that I’ve been waiting for has arrived and I am so glad that my early birthday dinner ended up so well despite a little hiccups in the beginning. It felt so good to celebrate this special day of mine with people that I truly adore. The best part was that all of them came! (Minus those 2 people. Hehe) So, thank you so so much for sharing this special night with me plus showering me with presents! And not to forget my baby hubby who were there for me and went all out just to help me plan this party. You’ve always been the best and always will be 🙂 🙂 This moment may lasted for a while but will remain in my memory (and my blog!) forever <33


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