Today’s Habitat : Fuga Village, Melaka Review

I don’t know why but whenever I hear the word “Fuga”, it kinda reminds me of that Bandicoot game that I used to play when I was a kid. Haha. I am used to staying in the middle of Melaka City like Rucksack Caratel and 45 Lekiu which is on the busy street of Jonker Walk. But Fuga Village is different from the rest because it is located in front of a beach at Masjid Tanah, we were greeted by a really strong wave just ahead of us as we were on our way to the destination. You might missed the signage if you didn’t look closely (note: There’s a little turtle sanctuary in front of the chalet and the gate is made out of bamboo so look out for that). Anyways, it has 5 private chalets along with a villa – the one that I called home for a night 🙂

fuga village

fuga village

Just when we needed a quick gateaway from the city, Sheena found the place by accident. I instantly got hooked when I saw the colourful interior and an outdoor shower with a bathtub provided inside the villa. Furthermore, the price ain’t that high. It was about RM373 per night. I mean, come on. Where else would you find a wonderful villa that could fit 4 persons with a reasonable rate like that? They even have a public pool big enough to fit a family of 8-10. No food for breakfast but there were lots of stall around to eat. There was nothing much that we did other than hanging out and watching tv. When the night comes, we just sat near the pool with only our Iphone’s flashlight to light the night and just talk the night away. I guess it was a perfect place to relax and unwind after a stressful week 🙂


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