My First Time in Kuala Kangsar and Ipoh, Perak

While eating my Fried Macaroni with a laptop in front of me, I think to myself.. What should I write about since I’ve been delaying a lot of travel posts in a past couple of weeks. Seriously, there’s too many travel post that I wanna share with you guys but I got confused on which one should I write now. But I guess the answer is now as clear as the nose on your face. LOL.

I kinda noticed that Perak, especially Ipoh has been rapidly growing with lots of hipster cafes all around which made me eager to check on what this beautiful state has on their plate 🙂 At first, our initial plan was to attend our friend’s wedding at Kuala Kangsar but then everything turned out to be more than that when we discover that there are many interesting places that we should see.


When you know you’re about to go on a roadtrip, the first thing to do is to wake up early in the morning so that you wouldn’t waste your day just sitting in the car and wait for the moon to shine. And thus, we arrived to our friend’s wedding right on time (&&&& just in time for lunch :p). Have I ever mentioned that my fiancee’s hometown is located in Kuala Kangsar? Perhaps not. So, after the wedding and before we make a move to Ipoh, we decided to make a detour to his ‘kampung’. It was interesting to see something that i’m not familiar with, the ‘rumah kampung’ itself, the peaceful surrounding. I never had a kampung of my own. Yep, I was born and raised in the city of Kuala Lumpur andddd I’m proud of it 😀 But, I guess I gotta start adapt myself to this kind of situation just in case when my future husband told me to pack my bags and stay one or two nights here. Hehe.

Just as soon as we get to Ipoh, we went straight to Sekeping Kong Heng to check in. We got ourselves two standard rooms with the price of RM220 per night. I really wanted to stay in the Annex Room or one of the Old Block rooms as the interior look pretty sick but none of em were available at that time so there we are, staying at a really dimmed light room with just a curtain instead of a proper door to cover the toilet where someone could just take a peek when you take a poop. Haha. But you know what they say, there’s always next time 😉 We went for a little exploring around the area and even took a dip in the empty swimming pool! Not long after that, the place was pouring rain and there was nothing much we could do other than just hanging out in our room. With a help of Google, we searched for a place to have our dinner with a couple of nice desserts to eat afterwards. We made a stop to Hobo @ Ganlee & Co just a few miles from our hotel (Wait, is that what you call it? A hotel?). Anyway, the sad thing was that we didn’t have the chance to order anything because I guess the food that we wanted were not available? I can’t really recall but I think that was it. I also didn’t get to take a photo of that cute pastel looking cafe. Sobs. Therefore, we ended our evening by having our dinner at one of the most famous cafes in Ipoh, no other than Chokodok Reggae House Cafe itself. By just hearing the name, you could expect an artistic laid back place, live band who plays reggae music and good ol Ganja. No, scratch the last one. I was just kidding. Hehehe.


To me, holidays are meant for waking up early in the morning and never missed a breakfast. I took a bicycle and cycled down to the not-s0 nearest Mamak stall just to get some ‘roti canai’, ‘roti telur’ and hot drinks since no breakfast were provided. The bicycle was not in a really good condition and yet I have to man up and braced myself through a non traffic light road where cars kept passing by most of the time! It was cray-cray but with a help of my fiancee who is always in a calm and cool mood, motivates me with inspirational words as if I have to go on a war! But it was indeed kind of like a war to me. Fast cars vs. ME! Ok, maybe i’m just being a bit dramatic but right after I get to passed the road safe and sound, I was back to being a normal me. Hehe! A hotel with a rooftop will always and forever caught my interest. Specially when I get to have my breakfast up there. When it was time to leave the hotel, we took a walk around the area and since it was on weekend, plus one of the well known hippiest place in Ipoh, it was so crowded that we decided to only try ‘Ais Kepal’ at Bits & Bobs and drove away from there without checking out some worthy cafes nearby like Burps & Giggles, Plan B Cafe and Pattiseries Boutique. But what we didn’t missed out though was having our late lunch at a very unique cafe filled with bamboos, woods in many forms like a horse, fish and many more! What is the name of this cafe you may ask? Well, it is called The Happy 8 Cafe @ Old Town. The interior design of the cafe is worth checking out! 😉

Why waste your money by staying in just one place when you can get to stay someplace else? Our next stay was at M Boutique Hotel, I’m sure most Malaysian already knew about this hotel. If you never heard of it before, it is highly recommended that you try and stay a night here. Don’t worry, it’s not gonna burn your wallet as the starting price starts from RM150. Tell me, where else can you get a price that reasonable with a comfortable hotel located in a strategic area, complete with a gym, internet access, laundry area, each floor is decorated with different theme and a breakfast provided where you can choose to eat between Myth Eatery & Bar or Old Town White Coffee? Are you guys feelin’ meee? Ok, fine whatever. Besides all these, all 4 of us went out at night getting lost(not really) in the middle of Ipoh. From there, we came across an Ice Cream booth named Freddo Street Ice Cream at the corner of a shop lot and had a taste of the ice cream while continued our walk. You’d be surprise to see so many things you could discover in Ipoh if you look harder 😉


As I mentioned before, I get to choose on which cafe that I like to have my breakfast. Since there are so many Old Town White Coffee around(even in KL!), I thought of giving it a passed and went for Myth Eatery & Bar instead. Well, another reason was that.. Come on, look at the hanging lights? Who doesn’t want to sit and have their breakfast under those pretty darn lights? Not just the lights but the entire concept of the cafe! I think Ipoh has officially stole my heart with all these incredibly beautiful places that I kept seeing. Ok, enough about that. Let me talk about the real deal and what people should eat when they come here. You’ll not fully experience Ipoh until you try their famous ‘Nasi Ganja’! People call it ‘Nasi Ganja’ because it is so addictive that makes you want to eat more and moreee. ‘Kedai Kopi Yong Suan’ was where I first had the taste of this so-called addictive meal. The place may look simple but it catches a lot of attention as I saw a number of people queued up to get their hands on that delicious dish (I’m sorry, what did you say? Pictures or it didn’t happen? Well, do you know how frustrating it is when it kept on saying ‘HTTP error’ everytime I tried uploading?).

Next up we made a quick stop to get Tau Fo Fa and Soya Bean at Funny Mountain. It tasted sweet as expected but the hot weather made it even more perfect to have this kind of dessert. After we have finished our dessert in the car, we realized that we still have time to explore before going back to Kuala Lumpur and so, Kelly Castle has made it to one of our places to go. Anyone who’s a fan of history, you should check out this castle to learn about its interesting story. It was so freaking hot when we get there but we still managed to went inside every rooms of the building and if the weather wasn’t being too mean to us, we would have bring back some pretty shots on the rooftop but unfortunately as Asians runs in our blood, we could not bear the sun burnt on our skin and were in total relief soonest we turned on the car’s air-conditioner and headed back to Kuala Lumpur 😀





  • The who misses ipoh Reply

    Ipoh is one of my fav place yg kita pernah pergii andd jomm pg lagii ! Hehehe

    • sarahamirudin
      sarahamirudin Reply

      jommm. boleh pergi theme park baru MAPS tu 😀

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