Today’s Habitat : Fig Tree Hill Resort, Penang Review

Unlike Georgetown, Bayan Lepas may not be the centre of attraction in Penang but did you know that there’s a private resort hidden beneath the lush greenery called Fig Tree Hill Resort in Sungai Ara, Bayan Lepas? If you have read my previous post in regards to my pre wedding photoshoot, you may have seen a little piece of the place that I’m about to tell you in depth. Before I get to that, here are some of the photos that might interest you 😉

fig tree hill

Have you ever look at your photo gallery and feel like you didn’t capture enough of your trip that you went to previously? Because that is exactly what I am feeling right now after editing all these pictures. Should have taken more photos but I was busy with my Pre-Wedding Photoshoot on the night of our arrival and the next day before check out. But anyways, lets start with the road to get to this tropical paradise. It sure was one of a kind experience to get there. Our guide named Steven had to gather everyone who were checking in on the same day as us at a meeting point since the road to get there were a bit dangerous. Imagine yourself driving on the edge of a cliff and a one way road with ‘zig-zag’ path ahead of you. It was scary, i tell you.

But then you will forget all those freaky moments that you been through earlier once you laid eyes on the premise. It was like entering a fairy land. I love how they add some eccentric colours to contra with the colour of the nature. There were 6 villas altogether and the one that I’ve stayed in was called Lemongrass Traditional Villa with 2 bedrooms that caused us RM600++ inclusive of 1 night stay + photography session. Yes, you can’t just barged in and take your pre-wedding shots as you pleased. There’ll be an extra charge for it. But the thing that I loved about this villa was because

  1. It was located on the hill and a hugeeeeee balcony that gave us a really great view of the main villa.
  2. Peaceful, tranquility, relaxing and anything related to it.
  3. Privacy. There were 2 ways to get around or to the swimming pool and gym. One is by car which you have to access the main gate and another one was to walk pass by another villa’s patio. Thus, I find it less privacy
  4. Karaoke provided inside the villa! But do not expect a lot of choices or up to date songs :p
  5. Our own outdoor space to have breakfast! <3 Oh wait, there was this guy named Arif who helped us carry our baggages all the way to the villa and served us a tasty breakfast the next morning. I gotta give credit to this guy because he had to climb up around 100 steps to get to our villa back and forth just to bring us breakfast and always carved a smile on his face whenever he saw us


Everything was great except when all 4 of us started feeling hungry at night. There were no cafe or anything for us to dine in so we had to braced ourselves to the scary roads yet again in the middle of the night with only our car’s headlamp to rely to just to grab our dinner from somewhere else. So guys, if you wanna stay here, don’t forget to pack enough food and maybe you could also consider bringing some food for BBQ since BBQing is allowed in the area or you’ll end up in the situation like us. Haha.



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