Today’s Habitat : Fifty4Ferns, Janda Baik Review

About a year ago, my dad received a special invite from his boss to visit this place called Fifty4Ferns at Janda Baik before it gets to open for public. Since my mom was unable to go, it was me and little sister who tagged along with my dad. So yay! Father-daughters bonding time! Ok, maybe we didn’t really spent much time together. Dad was busy chatting with his colleagues while lil sis and I wandered around the place.






We had the privilege to stay there for a night but dad decided to just chill till midnight. Fishing, swimming and BBQ are a part of the activities that we had done during that day. We also get the chance to view all of the rooms that they have offered. Few are facing the lake, some are near to the swimming pool and there is this one big ‘house’ on top of the place where it can fit more than 5 people under one roof (hint: one with me sitting on the swing). Honeymooners or couples who are looking for privacy are welcome to stay here as they have a romantic ‘treehouse’ surrounded by trees and river streams.









Personally, the thing that I like about this place is that they have everything you need for a weekend escapade – great room, greenery surrounding, swimming pool, waterfall, fishing lake and whole lot more. Family gathering, group of friends or team building are welcome to book your stay here as it it suitable for everyone!

Special note : Happy 53rd Birthday, my old man! You have been nothing but a great dad to me and I wish you a long happy and healthier life ahead – which means you gotta quit smoking! Here’s one picture of you jumping on the trampoline like a happy monkey. Hehe love ya! (I know he’ll read this cause if he don’t, i’m going to force him!).



Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 11.01.34 PM


  • Faiz Reply

    Cam cantek jekkk. Berape harga satu malam???

  • Zul Reply

    Eeeee seronoknya vacation kat sini !!!! Teringin nak pergi satu hari nanti .

    • sarahamirudin
      sarahamirudin Reply

      Pergi la sini nanti. Worth it sgt! 😉

  • Bella Reply

    Nice place ! Keep updating more interesting place okay

    • sarahamirudin
      sarahamirudin Reply

      Will do. Thanks for dropping by, Bella 😉

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