Today’s Habitat : Farmer Hut Retreat, Cameron Highland Review

I’m not gonna start rambling for now. Let the pictures do the talking this time 🙂




farmer hut retreat





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By judging the above pictures, there’s no doubt that Airbnb provide the most incredible accommodations in the world! Am I right? Ok, Im just gonna pretend that everyone agree with me. Haha. From small affordable cozy room to a luxurious bungalow that comes with private swimming pool, to a mid-century concept and on to a Moroccan or Bali style house, you name it! Airbnb has it.

If you are wondering about my cool accommodation, this is the reason why I go on and on about Airbnb cuz without it, I wouldn’t be able to experience myself staying at a place like this. The hut is located in one of the hills in Brinchang, Cameron Highland and as you make your way to the stairs inside the hut, you will be greeted by a big window that overlooked a tea plantation. Who needs to go to Boh Tea Plantation anyway when you could get up every morning looking at people plucking up the leaves from your window :p At first, I was a bit surprised because the place is behind someone else’s house but as I was given the key to unlock the door, it’s safe to say that this is by far the most coziest ‘hotel’ I’ve ever been to!

By paying only RM 508, I could get the whole house and everything that I need is there! There were 2 double deckers, 1 queen size bed, 1 single bed upstairs and as you go downstairs, there was a movie area where you could sit or lay back and relax while watching any movie of your choice being played on a big projector. You could find 2 clean bathroom just across the kitchen and we had our delicious dinner cooked by our four gentlemen outside on the porch. Perfect for my fiance’s birthday celebration 🙂 But my favourite moment was when all of us gather in the movie lounge and watched comedy and also horror movies at night. And no, nothing weird happened throughout our stay :p Truthfully, I’ve always enjoy being surrounded by my good friends but this place definitely add more fun to it 🙂

So you’re interested in this place? Head on right here to know more!

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      Hehehehe 🙂 🙂

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    Hmmm best nya !

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      Best! Plan la holiday dekat sini

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    Nice picture! I cant wait to see where is your next destination

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