Today’s Habitat : Farm Ville Cafe & Homestay, Sekinchan, Selangor Review

Me : Cuba you teka apa I nak post lepas ni dekat blog?

Asyraf : Taktahu.

*Me happily showing him one of the pictures that I have edited as a clue*

Asyraf : Oh.. Bali ke?

Me : Kenapa Bali pulak? Bukan la.

Asyraf : Habis tu? Kan tu gambar dekat sawah padi.

Me : Ni dkt Sekinchan la yang kita pergi masa tu.

Asyraf : Eh a’ah la.

So guys, that was basically my conversation that I had with my husband last few days ago. He mistakenly thought that the picture as shown above was taken while we were in Bali. But since he was wrong, let me tell you that I took this beautiful scenery while we were on our 2 days trip to Sekinchan few months back. Personally, I don’t think that this looks like a photo out of Bali’s famous attraction – The Tegallalang Paddy Field but still a decent paddy field if you ask me.

However, my today’s rambling is not only about some paddy field that I have come across in Sekinchan. It is also about my staycation in a red container in the middle of a beautiful paddy field. However, do take note if you are planning to head this way because the grass ain’t always greener on the other side. LOL. What I am trying to say here is that the harvest season is only on a particular month. So to avoid from disappointment, I’d recommend you to go check out this website where it tells you the best time to visit Sekinchan. I on the other hand, were not aware of of the season. So I guess I was considered lucky to be there on a perfect timing 😉

Farmville Cafe & Homestay is the name of our temporary home in the land of rice. “Are we there yet?” is something that I kept asking myself before the arrival as it took us about 2 hours from Wangsa Maju to get there. It felt kind of a long journey to me maybe because of the traffic and a long straight road. But despite all that, as soon as Google Map told us to turn left as our destination is drawing near, I got excited when I saw the view. Being a city girl myself, I never been somewhere with so many paddy field all over the place and it kinda brings out the calm and peaceful environment altogether. As usual, few shots were taken and that was before we even make our way to the homestay but judging from the photos that I have seen on their official website, I had a feeling that I was gonna enjoy the moment and guess what? I was right 🙂

farm ville cafe & homestay review

I was in so much awe when I saw those giant containers before entering the premise. I never stayed in a container before so this experience was still new to me at that time. After we have placed our luggage inside our room which was located on the 2nd floor, we were seen checking out the area from around the swimming pool, the open kitchen, public toilet, open concept cafe next door and every rooftops they have! I mean we literally left our footprints everywhere. Hehe. But I seriously love how they came up with an idea to set up a rooftop on top of the container. And I really don’t mean singular because as far as I can remember, there were 2 rooftops that I went up to facing next to one another. One with a big trampoline and the other was supposed to be a mini golf course where we set up a little picnic for Anip’s birthday which he and Sheena arrived later on. The weather was kinda nice to us so we hung out for a while then went for a drive to check out the town.

Even though the population of Sekinchan are mainly Chinese, we had no problem looking for our dinner as there were plenty of halal restaurants nearby. We managed to get ourselves to the well-known Redang Beach before sunset. The beach was so-so to me as it was full with people when we arrived. Probably went for the same motive like us, to catch the sunset or maybe they were after the wishing tree and the seafood.  As the dark rises, there weren’t many activities to do around and thus, there we were sitting on the cafe next door, not a single sound except for our voices… and the crickets.. and also the frogs.

*Shot was taken by our friend, Anip.

The night spent in my container room followed with a great air-cond and comfortable bed which has led me to a good night sleep. The breakfast was not provided so we had our brekkie next door. The nasi lemak tasted okay but the ‘sampan’ shape plate makes the nasi lemak looks interesting. Other food such as the sandwich and kebab reminds me of something that I could have made myself at home. Haha. We didn’t feel like dipping our feet inside the pool instead we went on a trampoline and jump (what else, right?) up and down till the sun tried to kill us with the heatwave. Haha.

The check-out process was easy. Gave the room key to the receptionist and we’re good to go. Before we had our quick lunch at Burger King nearby, we strolled around the paddy field one last time as we just couldn’t get over it! Not long after that, Sheena googled any attraction that we haven’t seen yet and found Bukit Melawati. Once we drove up to the hill, there were few places that we have checked out like the cannon overlooking the hill, a museum which tells the history of Kuala Selangor and I heard that there’s an aquarium and a place where flora and fauna lives called Taman Alam but we got carried away watching the monkeys’ behaviour around. They were everywhere and if you like, you could feed the monkeys by purchasing the food near the streets.

farm ville cafe & homestay review

*Shot was taken by our friend, Anip.

*BEAUTIFULLY CAPTURED by our friend, Anip ;D

I am sure to be back here again mainly to watch the fireflies and the newly discovered place called Sky Mirror. I’ve also found a really cute place to stay if I ever decided to go there one more time. As of now, I hope you enjoyed reading my blog and so I ended my post with an epic picture of Asyraf getting harassed by one of the monkeys in Bukit Melawati. Haha.



  • the one who googled bukit melawati Reply

    Thank you ser and husband ! (Ceyy skrg dah husband hehe ) witout korg the surprise picnic tak jadi tauu hehe.. and last pic tu epic gila ! You should post some vidoes nnt ser boleh tunjuk how excited acab bila tgk animal kingdom hahaha

    • sarahamirudin
      sarahamirudin Reply

      No problem bebehh! Hahaha tapi nickname you letak tu lagi epic ok. ‘the one who googled bukit melawati’ hahaha

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