Today’s Habitat : East Indies Mansion, Penang Review

Remember my pre-wedding photoshoot that I was talking about right over here? Well, few days before the photoshoot, all four of us arrived a little late to Penang. Late as in past midnight and while we were in the car on our way to the destination, we used the power of Google and only then we found the time to look for a place to stay. How last minute is that? Haha. I mean, we already booked a place to stay for our last day in Penang which was at the location of our pre wedding photos but other than that, we just go with the flow. Thankfully, East Indies Mansion fit right into our list as in price, location and the uniqueness of the hotel, of course 😉

Ranging nowhere near RM300 above, we opted for a comfortable yet affordable family room called Duplex Quadruple which could fit all four of us perfectly. The room consists of 2 separate queen bed. One on the ground floor and you’ll find another bed on the second floor where you gotta step on the spiral stairs to get there. The bathroom were also located on the same floor as well. We were tad tired once we reached there since it was already so late so we just snoozed the night away and hoping for a cheerful day tomorrow.

East Indies Mansion, Penang Review

East Indies Mansion, Penang Review

East Indies Mansion, Penang Review

The next morning was so much brighter and better. I am aware of the old building but my eyesight were completely amazed by how many antique things that were being presented on the ground. The upper floor however is connected to a really spacious living room where you could spend hours just chilling or read a book since I’ve noticed that quietness is being practiced around here. We had our breakfast at the ‘Mamak’ shop nearby (do take note that the hotel is located in Little India and there you’ll find lots of vegan ‘mamak’ stall nearby and the road could get busy during the day) and right after that, we walked directly to our hotel room to get ready to check out and since I didn’t spent a long time here, I did however feast my eyes to few interesting spots around the mansion.


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