Can’t Get Enough of Lombok Mainland, Indonesia

Let me just admit it, Lombok has never been in my list of destination. But when I heard some travel stories from my big sister about her Lombok trip, I got interested so I immediately went to Google and look up some interesting accommodations and places to check out in Lombok. Since then, Lombok has captured my heart and without thinking too long, I took a decision to tag along with my office mates which at that time, coincidently planning their trip to go there.














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I departed from Kuala Lumpur along with my friends around 3:35PM and arrived in Lombok at about 6:45PM. It was dark at that time so we only started our activities the day after that.

Sukarara Weaving Village – A traditional village full of crafty people. You could see the villagers, especially young women sat in front of the porch weaving the ‘kain songket’. You could also have the chance to sit at their place and try to be the weaver 😉 I was told that it would be an embarrassment if the lady didn’t know how to weave. After I had a stroll around the village, they took me to a store full of ‘kain songket’, a lot of pretty ones that have made me feel a bit disappointed because I wasn’t planning on doing some shopping in Lombok thus if someone was trying to rob me, they would be disappointed to see my purse too. Haha

Sasak Village – I look forward to pay a visit to this village even before I got there. Because the village itself was very uniquely beautiful with each of the houses are made of natural products such as bamboo and palm leaves. As I walk through the village, I encountered many friendly villagers whom mostly sell ‘kain songket’, bracelets and handbags which i’m guessing was made by them.

Puri Saron, Senggigi – We spent our night at a hotel called Puri Saron in Senggigi. This time around, I was not the one who pick the place to stay because I only follow a trip that was arranged by my office mate. The hotel was quiet OK, clean and spacious but it was a bit outdated to say the least.

I couldn’t say that I didn’t enjoy my trip but I feel like I should stay here longer to enjoy the beaches, mountains, and waterfalls. Therefore, a 4 days and 3 nights trip is not enough although I did stay 1 night in Gili Trawangan (Read it all HERE!). I will definitely come back to Lombok 🙂

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    hmm bestnya!

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      Best! 😀

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