Cactus Point, Cameron Highland

Right after our visit to Lavender Garden, it was drizzling as I sat in the car next to my fiancee as he drove around to continue our next journey. We both didn’t know where to go until we found a big sign just across the road that says ‘Cactus Point‘ and the place was covered with roof which is exactly why we made a pitstop.

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Free admission with many types of cactus you can choose to take home? Well, count me in! But I didn’t buy any of them. I just strolled around the area  and I may sound like a bimbo, but I never knew that cactus got a whole lot of different shapes and sizes! It’s interesting to get to see these type of plants. If only I have a house of my own, I would definitely buy some of them and bring them home since cactus are of the plants that is easy to take care of.

We didn’t spent so much time since we wanted to go elsewhere. But sadly, the rain kept pouring down even after we had done visiting the place. It was almost 5 o’clock where we decided to drive back to Kuala Lumpur. It means that no Boh Tea Plantation, no Strawberry Farm and no Butterfly Farm as most of the attraction closes before 6. Guess I’ll have to make another trip to Cameron Highland then 😉

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    nice very nice

    • sarahamirudin
      sarahamirudin Reply

      thank you! 😉

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    Luka jari stgi ha bqu taw

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