Sheena’s Bridal Shower : Hi Tea @ Maison Franchaise, KL

This is the first time I posted something right on time when the event just took place like 3 days ago. Why? Because I am so excited that my best friend, Sheena is getting married in the near future! So, this post is going to be all about her bridal shower or better known as bachelorette party 😉

Planning a bachelorette party ain’t that hard especially when all the bridesmaids joined forces in making it happen and of course, with a help of the party planner that we hired on that day, Bashed. Our package includes a bunch of flowers, bride’s crown, sash for the bride as well as the bridesmaids, placemats, name cards, cute little gifts, black and white balloons and a really delicious cake(No doubt about that because the cake was made perfectly by Little Gold Jars !). Well, it’s not that we couldn’t do all the decorations by ourselves but here’s why you should consider hiring a party stylist for your event:

  • You don’t have to decide who’s gonna go out and buy all the things for the decoration like the sash, table settings, flower arrangements and balloons. Just let them know your theme and they will sort it out for you.
  • You don’t have to arrive a little too early to set up the table as the party planner will do everything for you.
  • All you have to do is to arrive in style without consuming your energy. Because who would want to get all sweaty when you are in your best dress right?

Our bride to be has always dream of having a black and white wedding but her actual wedding theme has turned completely around from b&w to pastel colours due to some reasons. Haha. So, we fulfilled her fantasy by going for the exact theme that she always wanted. The bridesmaids agreed to host the party at Maison Franchaise mainly because of the ambiance of the restaurant. Choosing the theme itself without considering the venue that you will be celebrating may affect the theme that you are going for. Hence, that is why this place is perfect for us. ‘It is decorated in black and white, delivering a cozy yet elegant atmosphere for patrons to bask in the ambience of a French Fine Dining experience’ as per stated on their website and I totally agree with that.

The moment Sheena stepped inside the restaurant and everyone shouted “surprise!”, we knew that the plan to surprise her was a success because by the look on her face, we knew that she didn’t see this coming. Haha. We sat down as the 2 tiers high tea plate that featured a selection of french delicacies being served to us. I gotta say that my favourite would be choux craquelin, madeleine and raspberry financier. I guess most of the time we spent besides eating was laughing and taking tons of photos. Also, the management did a really great job at hiring the waiter/waitress because whenever we asked them to take a picture of us, they would just click the camera numerous times without ever leaving a smile and the photos came out great. Good job! 😀 To anyone who is still looking for a place to celebrate your friend’s bridal shower, look no further and just book this place already. Hehe.

To the bride to be, we hope that you loved the surprise that we have pulled for you. Hehe. You know we love ya to bits! <3

The crazy bridesmaids; (from left to right) Shasha, Myza, Sarah, Nissa, Farah, Syeera. Missing: Biefara



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