Wow. So somebody really did read this section. You must be super curious to know about the owner of this blog. Let me just begin with the usual ‘Hello. My name is Sarah Amirudin and I come from Malaysia’. How’s that sound? Boring? OK, lets start again. Hi, world. I go by the name of Sarah and I am just another girl (wait, does 25 years old still consider a girl? Guess so) who often sat in the office dreaming, planning and googling for her next journey. Travel has always been a passion to me and through this blog is where I can share my stories and photography. Growing up, I wasn’t into reading novels, knowledgeable books or any of that so please excuse my grammatical error. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya, Grammar Nazis! So what do you think of that? Ah well, I guess I am never good when it comes to ‘tell me about yourself’ kinda stuff. By the way, that’s me in the pictures above with the list of important people in my life and they are most likely be flooded in my posts. Which I reckon you should know by now. Oh and one more thing, everything that I share in this blog are all mine unless stated otherwise. Wait, why are you still here? Stop wasting your time and start reading my so-called adventures at Sarahsphere !