9 hours in Malacca

About a year ago, I went to Malacca under my company with all of the Business Development Executives for a team building event. Stayed for 3D2N at a hotel called Philea Resort and who would have expect that the trip could turn our friendship to be closer than ever.

Since we are in a big group, it is kinda hard to gather everyone to plan an activity but then out of a sudden, one of my friends came up with an idea for one day trip to Malacca and just like that, everyone seems to agree except for 1 person due to personal matter. And so last weekend, all 7 of us embarked on our journey to hunt down some food. Why we didn’t stay there for a night you may ask? Well, because our main purposed was to only fill up our stomachs so there’s no need to stay for a night. Probably our next trip will involve an accommodation, I guess?



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Started our journey early in the morning. Morning as in 7:30AM but as the Malay saying goes ‘janji Melayu’ and that was what happened to me. I was the last one to arrived and it was already 8:30 by the time I got to the meeting point! Sorry and thanks for your patience girls. Hehe. Anyways, once all of us have gathered, we decided to only drive 2 cars to Malacca to avoid getting lost from each other since it was on weekend and you know what to expect on weekend – jam packed! Thankfully the weather wasn’t scorching hot, everything that we have planned went accordingly, we get to places that we agreed to go, filled our tummies with delicious food and most importantly, we had so much fun! Down below are the list of places that I have left my footsteps 😉

Ee Ji Ban – Calling all chicken rice lovers and for non chicken rice lovers too, because you will instantly fall in love when you try their dish! What makes it more interesting is that the chicken rice is in cute round shape, slightly bigger than the size of fish ball and it only costs you 30cents per rice ball. Yes, it is that affordable! And not to mention, the roasted chicken is the bomb! Other dish such as ‘Sambal Sotong‘ is also worth a try 😉

The Shore Sky Tower – Parked our cars in The Shore Shopping Gallery, took an elevator to level 42 and paid RM25 to enter the famous Sky Tower. So what to expect once you get there? To be honest, I only got excited when I stepped on the transparent glass floor. Huge thanks to the staff who supervised the place while we were there because if he wasn’t being sporting, we wouldn’t get the chance to snap a picture using our own camera. The actual rules stated that no camera phones allowed. You gotta pay RM44 and ask for the staff to take your picture using their camera. So I guess we were in luck 🙂 Besides the glass floor, the place is just like a regular rooftop but the view is pretty nice.

JustBerrys Dessert House – What to do after a long hot day on a rooftop? A dessert of course! Do you know how it feels like chewing a dessert with a mixture of real winter melon fruit with a little bit of shaved ice and ice cream on top? It tasted just like heaven on earth! Look up on their menu and order a dessert named ‘Tropical Hawaiian’. So refreshing and it kept me energised the whole day. Paid RM4 equally so you do the math 😉

Spiral Potato – To those who are familiar with ‘Bandar Hilir‘, you must have heard of this snacks before as it is on the same row with ‘Cendol‘ stall and located just opposite the Christ Church aka the red building. Easy to find the stall once you make your way to Jonker Street. There are so many flavours to choose from and we ordered 3 spiral potatoes with different flavours each – Chillies, BBQ and Cheese. I gotta say that my personal favourite is the one with cheese although everything tasted almost the same.

Asam Pedas Pak Man – Recommended by a friend of mine. This is my first time going to Ujong Pasir just to put my hands on Ikan Asam Pedas since Malacca is very well known with this dish. This was our last eatery before went back to Kuala Lumpur. It was around 5PM and everyone was getting exhausted so we only had ‘Asam Pedas Ikan Pari’, ‘Asam Pedas Ikan Tenggiri’ and ‘Asam Pedas Tetel’ with rice for our early dinner.

By going on a road trip like this, I did not only get to spend my time laughing like there’s no tomorrow and gaining a few pounds together with these girls, it has also strengthen up our friendship especially when one of us are walking out of the company one by one. To more and more outings together okay?

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  • Nurqilabas Reply

    Sarah , u are so sweet . such a nice trip wif my baby girl ! I Love u more .. Precious

    • sarahamirudin
      sarahamirudin Reply

      hehee i lap you too bebeh! cant wait for our next trip! :*

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