Today’s Habitat : 2015 Birthday Edition – 45 Lekiu, Melaka Review

I really get excited whenever new year arrived. Wanna know why? Because January is my birthday month! Every year, me and my friends would gather around and plan a road trip to celebrate whoever’s birthday is on that month. Now, I’m gonna make a special post about my birthday starting from 2015 to 2017 all in a different post 🙂

It’s safe to say that this is by far the best birthday celebration I have ever had! My closest friends planned everything for me from where to stay (but I did told Asyraf that I really wanted to stay at 45 Lekiu and I am really glad he consider it!), how they surprised me and everything in between. I am really thankful to have them in my life :’) Alright, alright, lets not get emotional about this. Here are some pictures that I can’t help but to share them here! 😀

Ever since I started this blog, I’ve always wanted to post about this but I guess I was waiting for the right time to come and to me, this is the moment because it’s my birthday month! Yea yea, I know I keep repeating the same words like birthday and January but who cares right? OK, lets get back to the point. As usual, we arrived to the house in the afternoon and all five of us went super duper excited once we stepped inside the beautiful house. Everything was sooooo perfect! How do I begin? The interior designs, the furnitures, the swimming pool, the hi-tech front door, the rooftop, the rooms (1 master bedroom with private bathroom and 1 attic room with 2 single beds), the kitchenette, everything! This house is seriously like my dream house because of the rustic comfy vibe. I wish I could tape every single area of this place but I’m still glad I get to spend my time here without recording anything except for the memories that is still fresh in my mind 🙂

My friends did such a great job in surprising me with all the decorations and delicious birthday cake that me and my friends still can’t get over the taste until now 😀 Do you wanna how they surprised me? Asyraf asked me to accompany him to KFC for our dinner while others were in the house doing “nothing”. I really didn’t suspect anything so once we took away our food at KFC in Dataran Pahlawan, we went straight back home and the door to our pool was closed when I got there then out of the sudden, Anip opened up the door while Myza and Sheena held the cake with candles and all of them sang me the birthday song altogether. The best part was that, the pool was filled with colourful balloons and the theme for that night was called ‘Neon Lights’! The music was playing on the background while all of us just enjoy being in each other’s company. I still remember before I had my nap, me, Asyraf, Sheena and Myza went out driving to nowhere because we were hungry! Haha. It was almost 5 in the morning the time I went to bed. This is definitely one of the memories i’ll never ever forget.

2015 birthday post! - 45 lekiu, malacca

The next day was so much fun! After we had our breakfast (which are already included in the package) right in front of our place, everything just happened very spontaneous and that makes it even more memorable. At first we had no idea on where to go but we proceeded to just walk around Jonker Streets. It was less than 10 minutes when one of us spotted a really cool place where we were given a chance to ride an electronic scooter around the street! We felt like cool kids cruising around town with our scooter while all eyes on us. Haha. Then an unfortunate thing happened. Suddenly a clear blue sky turned grey and rain started pouring down. We took shelter at a hotel called Casa Del Mar for a while. We couldn’t wait for the rain to fully stop because it would mean that our time will be wasted and so we continued riding our scooter and get ourselves a raincoat. That was all we basically did on that particular day, plus we had our lunch at Mamee and ate a dessert in a cute little pot which I have forgotten the name of the cafe :p No words could describe the fun that I’ve had but if there’s a time machine, I would definitely turn back to this time 🙂



  • Amiza Reply

    Nak nanges tgok semua ni. The best birthday bagi i. Like semua benda perfect and happy. tp u tak tulis how u were feeling masa kita naik keta malam2 tu. happy birthday again ser moll. I love you and u are one of a kind, one in a million kind of person. U have the best attitude and ur personality will always make everyone feel warm and happy. (Cuz ure funny) hehe. If i were ur parents, i will be a proud parent. Ah gituuew… hehe . This year ure getting married to your beloved fiance. May everything went smoothly AND…Lets make babies this year ! shena pun akan kawen this year kan. So anak kita akan lahir 2018. Sama umur nnt diaorg. Hehe. Kita dah 26 dah. Pejam celik nnt we’ll be 36. Like wedehell.. i dont even feel like im 20 yet. its okay…age is just a number (sedapkan hati) okay ser ni patutnya section comment biasa2 je kan. I over naw nak tulis bnyk2. Hehe. Happy birthday again. And see u later alligator! #SerBday17 (never put age again after this,nnt kantoi tua..kita letak tahun je)

    • sarahamirudin
      sarahamirudin Reply

      Awww myzaaaa…. Panjang sgt post you smpai i pun taktahu mcmana nk respond. Haha. But one things for sure is that time ni mmg the best celebration ever! We should create one like this nanti. For your birthday ke kan. nak dekat dah tuuuu. hehehehe. Thank you soo soooooooo much for this warm wish. This wish will forever be here and takkan hilang mcm card or text. Haha love ya bestie! :*

  • The girl you thanked to have in ur life giteww Reply

    Mexx dont cryy.. cause im gonna cry tooo (based on mex’s comment) hehe
    Yess this is the perfect birthday everr ! Time ni plan semua smooth, tempat dia the bomb, the cake was superbsaralicious andd the activities tu semua epic ! Happy birthday again serr.. waith for ur next birthday gurrr

    • sarahamirudin
      sarahamirudin Reply

      hehe i pun rasa this is the best birthday everrrrrr. seriously rindu gila all the momentsss. everthing was so perfect! <3333333

      • Amiza Reply

        I baca balik blog you yg ni. Sbb ni memory yg best hehehe. #obses

        • sarahamirudin
          sarahamirudin Reply

          kan. paling the bomb! i pun suka jugak 😀

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