2017 Memories Worth Remembering

Alas, 2017 has finally come to an end. As we bit farewell to this wonderful year, there must be a lot of things that we wish to preserve forever or even replay it again if only we were given the chance. As for me, my journey throughout the whole year has been some kind of a roller coaster ride and here I am, reminiscing on the last day of 2017 at all that’s been going on this year. While I’m still at it, I’ve rounded up my 5 most favourite memories starting with..

March 2017Quit my job as a Marketing Executive

I was so blessed to have a really great working environment with friendly colleagues, great benefits, flexible working hours and a decent salary. Lets just say, I was consider to be lucky to have a secure job. So, you’re probably wondering right now. Why quitting my job has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made? What really went wrong? Personally, I never quite figure out what I really want to do as my career back in 2014. As I stay longer in the insurance company, the more I know that I wasn’t meant for this job. I mean, surrounded with supportive colleagues was nice but I must love the things that I do in order to be happy. I could feel that I was not improving myself and had no interest at all. So after weeks of deciding, I finally came to a conclusion and make one of the biggest and drastic change in my life by quitting my job without applying for another job. It’s a tough world out there but when one door closes, another will always open if we keep a positive attitude 🙂


April 2017 → Marry my longtime boyfriend

Me getting married is definitely my number one favourite highlight of the year. Shortly after I quit my job, I just happened to marry my boyfriend that I’ve been dating for almost 8 years! Sometimes I still can’t believe that I am married and a wife and I can make beautiful babies with the person that I am in love with, travel and grow old together. Hehehehehehe. To cut things short, you can find my wedding posts down below to see all my most precious moments 😉

♥ 14th April 2017 – Wedding Solemnization

♥ 15th April 2017 – Wedding Reception Pt.1

♥ 16th April 2017 – Wedding Reception Pt. 2


July 2017 Honeymoon in Bali

I’ve been to numerous places with Asyraf before we got married- Penang, Singapore, Krabi and many other destinations but honeymoon trips (Yes, we went to more than 1 trip. Hehe) are a lot more different and special compared to our previous travels since we’re always travelling with a group of friends. Right after we got married, we went to a mini honeymoon trip to Mangala Resort at Pahang where we get to celebrate Asyraf’s birthday as husband and wife! Hihi. Then, we made an impromptu trip to Ma-Ni Thai Villa at Perak but my favourite honeymoon was definitely in Bali! Lets hope that on our 1st anniversary next year he’ll bring me to Europe. Haha.


October 2017 → My best friend’s wedding

It’s true when people say that wedding could be infectious. One of my best friends were married on November 2016 and then came my turn on April 2017. After that was my other best friend’s wedding on October 2017 and followed with another one on November 2017 making us a member of wifey’s club. Hehe. But you know, when it was your best friends’ wedding, you tend to get over excited because you grew up with them and share a lot of bittersweet memories together. We even plan on getting pregnant the same time so that our babies could be best friends just like us. Haha. So, seeing them building a new life was a moment not to be missed but also it was like a reminder that we’re getting old. LOL.


November 2017 → My very first business called ‘The Party Salon’

I’m always into cute decorations and that sort of stuffs but I never thought that i’ll be doing table styling for real. It was rather a sudden move where me and my partner, Sheena started to run the business and praise to Allah, new customers keep on coming every month although we just started working in this industry. We still have a long way to go and many things to learn but if we set our goals right, everything will work out just fine 🙂 If you’re interested or anyone you know who is currently on the lookout for a party planner, you are welcome to contact us via Instagram right here » @thepartysalon «

2017 has been nothing but a great year for me. I pray and hope that 2018 will be even better than any other year before. It’s kinda sad to leave another year behind but I can’t wait what 2018 has for me. Guess that’s all from me. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and see you again next year! 😉


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